How to help Seniors in your community -Part 2


Do you have a desire to support the Seniors in your community?  Here are some amazing ideas to get you started! Special thanks to

  1. Provide your local nursing home or library with more large-print books.
  1. Teach a senior how to use a computer or the Internet.
  2. Call up elderly people who live alone to check if they need anything.
  3. Volunteer to do general home maintenance for a senior citizen.


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How to help the Seniors in your community


Would you like to be bright light in the life of a Senior in your city? Check out these ideas to see how you can help. Special thanks to for such wonderful ideas.

1.Adopt a “grandfriend”. Write them letters, call them, and visit often.

2. Gather friends and create a “shop squad” to pick up groceries and medicine for elderly.

3. Deliver meals to homebound individuals.

4.Gather family and friends and organize a summer songfest or play to perform at a nursing home.

5. For the holidays, go caroling, bring (easy-to-eat) treats, or just go and visit senior citizens.

6. Offer to read to people.