Plan for the absolute worst!


When opening my business, I looked at the finances, supplies, décor, and community connections, but the only thing I did not spend enough time on was the WORST-CASE SCENARIO.

The one thing I wish I had prepared for was all the horrible things that happens while running a business such as:

  • Unreliable employees
  • Building malfunctions
  • Crazy illogical customers

When planning a business, it’s easy to take note of all the wonderful things you will be doing as a business, but it is crucial that you understand that people are crazy. It may seem as if I’m being silly or facetious, but I am being serious. In order to run a successful business, you must plan for handling unfathomable situations.

What would you do if your loss power in your building? How would you handle a customer complaint? How do you handle lazy employees?  Can you afford to fire them and pay more for reliable employees? How can you control how your business is perceived on social media? 

I believe wonderful things will happen in your business, but in order to survive you must consider the contrary things that happens as well. Today, take time and plan for the worst so that life can huff and puff but will not blow your business down.


See. Learn. Inspire. Make Moves

I need God….

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Greater than the desire for food, thirst quenching water, appealing embrace of true love…. is the need for GOD.

There is no substitute for the love of God. God holds the bullet back from the gun on your head, keeps that overdose from being your last hit, keeps your lights on when you know you didn’t pay the bill… God gets you a job you didn’t deserve, a home you don’t have the credit for, a car you didn’t think you could keep gas in. God put that dinner on your table, the smile on your child’s face…. Allowed you to be five minutes from a life threatening crash, kept your boss off your back when you couldn’t handle any more pressure.

GOD did this and more, and if we would simply choose to see God in all the good, our life would be full of joy, thanksgiving, prosperity, life, vibrancy, and pleasure.

God keeps you and I everyday, it’s time to say thank you, and from this moment on… choose to see God in the midst of great and watch life before you blossom. Selah

#SLiM speak truth live truth

Deep and wide????

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In my spirit today I kept hearing deep and wide… I said ok God what are you telling me today? He said to me that we His people have to look for Him in multiple dimensions. Sometimes in our relationship with God we keep things redundant. Pray in the morning, church on Sunday, Wednesday maybe, but what’s fresh and new in your relationship with God?  Take a moment to think about it. How do you keep the relationship alive with God?

If you have no answer then this word is for you! Today ask God to make your relationship with Him fresh. Look for God on your job, at the store, with your best friend. Switch things up and intentionality look for an opportunity to enjoy God and for God to enjoy you!

Speak truth live truth… SELAH